Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today wednesday 6, 2013

Just took the test today CAHSEE math omg i was like honestly no prepared but i gaved it my all so fwoo hopefully i did good this time. but yeah i need to score good time so i can graduate . thats the only thats stoping me from graduating. my only exit, im ahead credits which is good but uh the dam cahsee is like ruining my plans for me. hopefully this one god i hope i passed. so note to selve next cahsee exam is in march study your butt off on this one. idk why im the only one from all my friends that havent passed it. its so embarrasing but hell no i wont give up so :) smile and study concntrate take classes that teaches cahsee math trust me thats why im in a math class that teaches you all u need to know about the cahsee. trust me as a senior its not easy your stressed in catching up but me the cahsee is the only thing stopping me x/ so yeah dont give up ;D

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