Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today Feb. 27, 2013

So yeah graduation is near be honest im not ready to go. i feel like im missing out on stuff. but in reality i accomplised everything i need to do to graute thank god..i was talking to an old elementry school friend and i told her he, have u seen anyone else from elementry years. and shes lke yea i have haave you im like all the time i try keeping touch but some move far and sometimes long distance dont work but facebook does xD she said. but anywho i told her dont u remeber that time we did this. and pretty much my whole day in class went on talking about our childhood and how we met etc. . but ea it was nice talking to her gae me flashbacks and dam how much i grown from a 6 yearold girl to an 18th year old young adult in high school ready to go on her own. come to think of it im scared. not ready to go on my own, afraid to make a mistake and omg fail my classes. so wen i think about it im like omg im loosing it but no keep calm and relax be yourself  your mother taught u better than to fail u got this. so yea college is stressful but that is not stopping me to go for my PHD :)

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