Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break xD

SO excited for nxt week omg i need this week to refresh my mind star of fresh cuz i got 2 months left of school so dam i really gotta do something for my senior year. just so excited for prom, my bf and i decided to wear Sapphire Blue. we tried it on and he looks good and so do i so its offical wearing that color xD so excited  this sunday is easter cant wait either its gonna be epic fun i hope 

Monday, March 11, 2013

my weekend

my weekend was pretty cool..Saturday was eh alright my morning was horrible my mom woke up moody but over all my boyfriend came and visit we went out for a while but yeah it made my day. i didnt expect for him to stay late. it was 7pm wen his mom called to pick him up i really missed him once he left. Sunday came planned on going to church but plans got ruined. my little cousin came over and hes such a trouble maker thagt we decided not to go to instead we went to the mall lookd around ate chinese food went to the park for awhile felt good being at the park. i felt relaxed but i also had fun went home showered and knocked out cause i was dead tired

Thursday, March 7, 2013

presidential speech project

today was the day i spoke in class as president but then a gain i was very nervous had butterflies in my stomach. but hey i pulled it off i spoked and it went pretty good xD my poster that me and my team made was awsome. it standout alot but overall my sppech was most important we all put in ideas and i  as prsident had to say it. so we dress formal and its cold cuz of the rain but eh w/e it was fun today just wish it was friday x/

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today Feb. 27, 2013

So yeah graduation is near be honest im not ready to go. i feel like im missing out on stuff. but in reality i accomplised everything i need to do to graute thank god..i was talking to an old elementry school friend and i told her he, have u seen anyone else from elementry years. and shes lke yea i have haave you im like all the time i try keeping touch but some move far and sometimes long distance dont work but facebook does xD she said. but anywho i told her dont u remeber that time we did this. and pretty much my whole day in class went on talking about our childhood and how we met etc. . but ea it was nice talking to her gae me flashbacks and dam how much i grown from a 6 yearold girl to an 18th year old young adult in high school ready to go on her own. come to think of it im scared. not ready to go on my own, afraid to make a mistake and omg fail my classes. so wen i think about it im like omg im loosing it but no keep calm and relax be yourself  your mother taught u better than to fail u got this. so yea college is stressful but that is not stopping me to go for my PHD :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today wednesday 6, 2013

Just took the test today CAHSEE math omg i was like honestly no prepared but i gaved it my all so fwoo hopefully i did good this time. but yeah i need to score good time so i can graduate . thats the only thats stoping me from graduating. my only exit, im ahead credits which is good but uh the dam cahsee is like ruining my plans for me. hopefully this one god i hope i passed. so note to selve next cahsee exam is in march study your butt off on this one. idk why im the only one from all my friends that havent passed it. its so embarrasing but hell no i wont give up so :) smile and study concntrate take classes that teaches cahsee math trust me thats why im in a math class that teaches you all u need to know about the cahsee. trust me as a senior its not easy your stressed in catching up but me the cahsee is the only thing stopping me x/ so yeah dont give up ;D

Thursday, January 31, 2013


In today's blog 

 i will be talking about how the medical field filled my interest. how so i was interested  by my nurse in my old elementry school Parthenia Streeet School proud Pandas xD...anywho she was the best very nice very energetic yet a bit mean at times, but yet so sweet. anyways that last time in kindergarden i fell off the monkey bars i was pushed so my play leader took me to the nurse and she said "aww sweet little girl you're bleeding from your knee let me fix that for you", i was (sniff) ok thankyou..we had a small talk she ask for my name i said its Leslie and she like im lucy nice to meet u at first i was thinking she must be from I LOVE LUCY but no she wasnt overall ever since hen i notice nurses are nice sweet out going but i notice to become a nurse u have to graduate highschool college and go for another year of training. so ever since then in my head i see myelf as a nurse. im good with people good alot of patience i like to help i love to learn about the human body. i know im not very good with science and math but thats not stoping in pusuing my dreams. like right now at 1:30pm January 31 2013 is the day my new little baby sister is going to born today, i wanted to be there in that moment to see how the doctor does the procedure. but now im here waiting in school almost time cant wait to see her 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As a senior here in James Monroe High School, It's hard to see ur highschool years fade away :/ sadly ill miss my friends. Yet im excited xD woot woot lol anywho....i see college as a new beginning to my life, becuz <- lazy to say because xD lmao, anywho its a new beginning to start of my new life on my own sounds scary, xO dum dum dum... so yea ever since i started going school like kindergarden, i was a little kid had no idea wats going on once i was progressing i started realizing life is hard x/ so yea college is an expirence hard but i hope i can catch up :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

my day

today is January 18, 2013 

so far my day is going smoothly i think I have been feeling almost alot better hopefully this 3 day weekend helps me. Saturday tomorrow hopefully goes as planned. Sunday is just relaxing probably might go to the movies. Monday might sleep it off and do homwork lol xD

Wednesday, January 16, 2013