Thursday, January 31, 2013


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 i will be talking about how the medical field filled my interest. how so i was interested  by my nurse in my old elementry school Parthenia Streeet School proud Pandas xD...anywho she was the best very nice very energetic yet a bit mean at times, but yet so sweet. anyways that last time in kindergarden i fell off the monkey bars i was pushed so my play leader took me to the nurse and she said "aww sweet little girl you're bleeding from your knee let me fix that for you", i was (sniff) ok thankyou..we had a small talk she ask for my name i said its Leslie and she like im lucy nice to meet u at first i was thinking she must be from I LOVE LUCY but no she wasnt overall ever since hen i notice nurses are nice sweet out going but i notice to become a nurse u have to graduate highschool college and go for another year of training. so ever since then in my head i see myelf as a nurse. im good with people good alot of patience i like to help i love to learn about the human body. i know im not very good with science and math but thats not stoping in pusuing my dreams. like right now at 1:30pm January 31 2013 is the day my new little baby sister is going to born today, i wanted to be there in that moment to see how the doctor does the procedure. but now im here waiting in school almost time cant wait to see her 

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  1. How's your new baby sister doing? Lots of excitement around the house these days eh?